The Benefits of Coworking
Dana Berggren
May 1, 2022
Mural - The Coop South

Ever wondered what the benefits of coworking are? At The Coop, we offer flexible coworking options for business professionals from all walks of life. From freelancers to established enterprises, there’s something for everyone in a coworking space.

Increased Productivity

During the last couple of years, the way we view work and the workplace has changed drastically. Many who worked normal hours at a physical location had to transition quickly into remote styles of working. With little time to prepare for this change, many started working out of their homes. Even for those excited by the prospect of a work-from-home lifestyle, managing a healthy work/life balance proved challenging. People prized extra time with family and less commuting, but productivity suffered.

Coworking is a great way to take back your productivity and get the most out of the time you spend working.

Clean and Professional Work Environment

Environment is key, especially for those growing a new business, and it’s common to get distracted when trying to manage work-life at home. Coworking spaces make focusing easier. The clean environment, natural light, and quiet atmosphere make it easy to sit down and get work done. Modern amenities also make it convenient to carry out your everyday office needs. Spaces like the Coop make working more comfortable so it’s easier to get your tasks accomplished.

Working Alongside Other Professionals in the Community

Besides the physical environment, who you are working around can also affect your performance. At a normal work office, you’re able to see the output of your colleagues. It’s common to measure your own performance to those around you, so co-worker interaction usually stimulates work rate. Without exposure to others also working, it’s difficult to begin projects or fall into a good work rhythm. Being surrounded by motivated and hard-working individuals can increase your own motivation to work. At coworking spaces, you can be back in an environment that makes it easier to focus and get started.

So if you are looking to get back into a “work state of mind”, consider trying out a coworking space. The boost in productivity you’ll experience could be exactly what you need if you’re struggling to get work done at home. At the Coop we offer day passes, so you can see if coworking is the right fit for you. Visit us at our Coop Summerlin or Coop South location for a tour today. We’d love to meet you!

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