How Coworking Increases Positivity
Dana Berggren
October 10, 2019
increase work positivity

How Coworking Increases Positivity

On both ends of the working spectrum, from remote jobs to corporate careers, the common complaints tend to be the same. Workers end up feeling stuck, trapped, overwhelmed, bored, lonely, confined, restricted, and many more not-so-positive emotions.

This overall negativity and dissatisfaction with the work life leads to becoming unmotivated, unproductive, and unhappy. Lots of people tend to settle into this state of discontent, because work is necessary, so what else are they going to do? What they don’t realize is that perhaps these feelings aren’t from the work itself, however, but are instead from the atmosphere in which they work.

How Does Coworking Help?

There are many ways one can help to lessen the stresses of work life, especially jobs that require long hours behind a desk. Traditional office buildings may choose to alternate their floorplans, opening the space up and steering away from the confinement of cubicles. Already established corporations may be less adaptive, however, and therefore are less likely to make these changes in order to meet the needs of their employees.

Coworking, on the other hand, was built in this unique gap in the workspace industry, designed specifically to free these workers from their 9-5 restraints. In addition to having a variety of spaces available, such as common areas, open desks, and private offices, coworking provides solutions such as flexible hours, and encourages behaviors such as better time management and more engagement, all within a communal, interpersonal setting.

What Benefits Do These Changes Provide?

Sure, these changes sound nifty, but what do they actually do? How does coworking *really* benefit its members?


As humans, our ability to concentrate on a singular task for extended periods of time is fairly limited, and when we attempt to do the same thing for multiple hours on end with no breaks, we experience mental fatigue. This emotional exhaustion also drops our levels of efficiency. So, while we think we are being productive by working endlessly on a single project, allowing ourselves the freedom and flexibility to pause and relax at various increments will actually allow us to complete this task better in the long run. Coworking provides this unique level of flexibility within our work, as well as with hours, workspaces, and more. With this flexibility, workers are less likely to get burnt out or experience mental fatigue and are therefore more satisfied with their jobs.


Traditional corporate office settings are typically very closed off, confining workers to their cubicles, and limiting the amount of interaction that occurs between coworkers. Office socialization is restricted to the water cooler chat, and employees don’t converse much outside of that. This vastly limits the potential for collaboration and community within the workplace. Coworking, on the other hand, is built around and for community. Collaboration thrives in coworking spaces, as members have opportunities to work in a more open setting and are encouraged to network both personally and professionally with other workers in the space. This can build lasting partnerships and even friendships. These relationships within the coworking space can increase positivity and mood, and often leave coworkers feeling less alone.


Coworking also aims to make the lives of its members easier and better by providing various amenities depending on location. Many coworking spaces offer coffee, access to Wi-Fi, various other drink options, treats and eats, and some even go as far as to offer childcare, pet-friendly spaces, and wellness or fitness rooms. In addition, the majority of coworking spaces offer or host social events for their members, such as happy hours or breakfasts. These amenities further encourage socialization between members and can boost positivity when these workers truly feel cared about and valued, instead of overlooked at a major corporation.

This list doesn’t even begin to cover all of the many ways that coworking can benefit its members, but it is a start. When it comes down to it, it’s just as simple as this: people were made to be in community, and they work better together. Coworking builds positivity and benefits overall mental health. The statistics speak for themselves. 89% of coworking members are happier. 83% are less lonely. 78% say they maintain their sanity through coworking.

Coworking spaces are created for those who inhabit them, they are invested in bettering the workers themselves, and this devotion to creating an atmosphere that expresses this in turn fosters a heightened level of positivity. Are you curious about coworking and want to see how it can increase your positivity? Check us out today!

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