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Absolutely! See our options at the page HERE and even book online HERE.

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Additional Coworking Resources

Hitting the Reset Button

We get so caught up in our day to day responsibilities in our businesses and personal lives. We spend our days juggling multiple roles in multiple jobs and then many of us go home to partners and children and pets who need more from us. Sometimes we find that we have to dig really deep to find the time, energy, and attention to our coworkers and loved ones. When we’re running on fumes, we need to hit the reset button. 

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October 1 – A Year Later

October 1…a year later. The effects of the mass shooting are with us every day. So is our resolve to support our community and continue to be #VegasStrong.

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I Am The Coffee

Have you heard the story about the three pots of water? Every once in a while I see that story pop up in my Facebook feed. The forlorn-looking woman dealing with challenges and disappointment, whether the story is her marriage or her work life, it all leads to the...

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