Why People Thrive in Coworking Spaces
Dana Berggren
June 1, 2022

A Diverse Work Environment Is Great for Standing Out

In a coworking space like The Coop, there is a diverse ecosystem of business professionals with very little industry overlap. This means that coworking members are seen as the go-to people in their industry among other members. This gives people the opportunity to stand out as industry experts.

Being a Part of a Community Is Great for Morale>

When you’re a member of a coworking space, you’re a valued member of the community, and having that community around you can be great for improving morale. While a single company may not have an impactful company culture, when you put dozens of companies under the same roof, friendships and partnerships are sure to blossom resulting in a lively and supportive community.

Flexible Office Options Means More Job Control

At The Coop, we offer flexible office situations that range from virtual offices and day passes for the work-from-home crowd to month-to-month open desks, dedicated desks and private office options that are accessible 24/7. This means that members have more control over when and where they work. Freelancers may take advantage of the conference room and office setting to impress clients while established companies can plant roots in an office environment that is a fraction of the cost of commercial office rentals. When you feel in control of your work situation, you’re happier and more likely to come in and get work done.

Low Costs Leave More Room to Grow

In addition to flexible office options, a coworking space is an affordable option that allows freelancers, startups, and small companies to benefit from all of the amenities of a large office without the expensive overhead. This means that businesses can keep more money in their pocket to reinvest and grow their business.

Networking Opportunities Are Plentiful

As we touched on by mentioning that coworking spaces are diverse ecosystems with members who work in all industries, networking has never been easier. Coworking spaces place companies and freelancers from different industries in the same communal spaces – in the open desk area, in the break room, in neighboring offices, etc. This creates plenty of opportunities to meet trusted and experienced business professionals who may someday have a need for the services you offer.

The Coop – Las Vegas Coworking Spaces

Ready to get to work at one of the best and friendliest coworking spaces in Las Vegas? The Coop coworking space has plenty of flexible work options available at both of our Las Vegas locations: Summerlin and South (near 215 and Decatur). Call today to schedule a tour so you can start thriving at a coworking space too.

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