I have these two fabulous friends who share my love of running. We were motivated for a meet-up the other day and stumbled into a deep conversation about the word for 2022. I hadn’t given it much thought until Ruth told me that her word for 2022 is “infrastructure” which made me reflect on the processes (or lack of) that I have in place. My goal for 2022 is to streamline my processes and ask for help in the areas where I am deficient. I’ve never been a very good delegator, but I think it’s time as I grow both of my businesses and still want to have time to enjoy family time and life experiences outside of the workplace.

Both Hayim’s and Ruth‘s word for 2022 is “momentum”. It made me think of the textbook definition I learned in grade school… an object in motion stays in motion. It made me grateful to be sitting outside having a great conversation with two friends who keep me motivated and hold me accountable. I’ve concluded that PEOPLE IN MOTION STAY IN MOTION if they surround themselves with quality accountability partners. They say you are a product of the five people who are closest to you. These are two of the people who I would like to keep very close.

Oh, and my word for 2022 is “do”.