Think You’re Ready to Coop?
Dana Berggren
May 9, 2017

Where do you want to work?

We call our neighborhood “Uptown” Summerlin due to the high-end demographics and amazing retail amenities right across the street. The Trails Village Center offers an abundance of eateries with outdoor patios where you will find neighbors commiserating at all hours of the day.

How do you want to work?

Do you prefer to close your office door and tune out the world around you? Or do you like to socialize a bit in the open, communal area? However you like to work, we have options for you in our professional, modern designed space. Private offices, conference rooms with the latest A/V technology, mail box, print/copy/scan are all here. Schedule a tour and see for your self here.

Do you support local?

We do! Locals are very important to The Coop. We sourced our custom furniture from UrbanWoodWorx in Henderson, Nevada – spectacular stuff! We commit to only brewing locally roasted coffee – Desert Wind Coffee Roasters is currently in the pot. We might even have some cans of Crafthaus Brewery’s finest in the fridge.

Is your current office situation less than ideal?

You have your own office, but paying for conference rooms and amenities you don’t need all of the time. You work from home, but miss the social aspect of a professional workspace. Coffee shops are great for workspace and wifi for the cost of a cup of coffee, but does that convey a professional image for a business meeting?

So, you wanna Coop with us?

If you want to be in an upscale, Summerlin location with direct access to some of the finest retail amenities…If you want modern office design with a professional, yet comfortable atmosphere…If you want to collaborate with other entrepreneurs and small businesses…come by for a visit! Call (702) 636-9101 or click here to schedule a tour.

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