The New Normal
Dana Berggren
March 30, 2020
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This blog is inspired by a response I posted on someone’s Facebook page who commented that she wasn’t in the best headspace.

I haven’t been in a good headspace for a while for reasons related to running a coworking space and other personal reasons. While the current state of things is confusing and unimaginable, I see it as an opportunity to reset and reevaluate the way I’ve been doing things. For example, I said “running” a coworking space in that I am always running. I’m running a coworking space. I’m running my commercial real estate brokerage. I’m  running NAWBO Southern Nevada (with some pretty badass bossladies). And I’m running my household with two daughters (15 and 11). This pandemic and ensuing shut down of EVERYTHING has taught me that I could definitely slow down my pace A LOT. 

I have found comfort in the stillness of things. I feel so much more connected to people because we are all going through the exact same thing at the exact same time. I’m inspired by how so many are offering their talent and time for free like musicians playing a set in their family room and universities offering their online courses and businesspeople holding webinars. I am OVERWHELMED by all of the incredible content out there right now. 

Virtual happy hours have become the norm and while my nightly White Claw/Truly habit should hopefully give way to the health club in the near future, I regret that I haven’t taken the time to connect with people on this level before. Were we really THAT busy to connect with our friends and family more frequently? And seeing so many lovely faces over video brings the fun to a whole other level. 

Life will eventually return to normal…or A NEW NORMAL, and when it does, I hope we keep that connection to each other. I hope that the bond of weathering whatever this storm is remains and we continue to be there for each other. 

– Dana

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