The Coop Member Spotlight: Rebecca Davis, Cultivate Academics
Dana Berggren
June 30, 2022

The Coop Member Spotlight: Rebecca Davis, Cultivate Academics: College Admissions and Academic Tutoring

Cultivate offers a lot of guidance with college prep. Can you tell me more about that?

Cultivate Academics empowers students and families to thrive through their high school experiences by supporting self-awareness and employing data-driven college admissions strategies. We take a personal approach with each client, ensuring a balance of going and growing through high school to college. This mentorship style of college admissions counseling creates the best high school student and the most authentic college applicant.

What other services does Cultivate offer?

In addition to college admissions, Cultivate specializes in test preparation (ACT and others), educational consulting, and tutoring.

How did you get involved with the work you’re doing?

I began my educational journey as an AP high school English teacher and enjoyed sharing my love of literature and helping students express themselves. During my time as a teacher, I became involved with a College Board grant focused on training teachers to prepare students for the SAT. Assisting students with this process became my passion, and I soon became a full-time, private tutor focused on preparation for the SAT and ACT, and in AP Language & Literature. In 2015, I earned my certification as a College Admissions Counselor from UCLA and began consulting on the college admissions process.

Can you tell me about your team?

Cultivate Academics collaborates with multiple tutors who enthusiastically provide academic support for middle school and high school students in core subject areas and ACT/SAT tutoring. Newest to our team is Steffanie Shapiro, our content tutor and academic coach with over 6 years of experience in the classroom at charter schools and public schools. She tutors students in K-12 content, supports multiple students in online and homeschool learning,

instructs high schoolers in preparing for the ACT, teaches study skills and testing confidence, and is a Cultivate College Application Specialist for students in the college admissions process.

When’s the right time for a client to get started with Cultivate?

As early as the end of 8th-grade year. However, we are happy to work with students at any point in their journey.

What do you like about working in a collaborative workspace?

I enjoy the multiple use spaces that a co-working space provides. The open work area, large conference rooms, and comfortable seating in a relaxed environment have brought an extra element to my work and the types of support I can provide clients. Students love coming to a space that feels stress free, collaborative, and versatile.

What’s your favorite local restaurant?

My husband and I eat at Nittaya’s Secret Kitchen probably once per week! It’s only about a mile down the street from The Coop!

What do you like to do for fun in your free time?

I enjoy walking, listening to informative podcasts about culture, politics, and economics, and reading about College Admissions trends! More than anything, I enjoy traveling with my husband and spending time with our family.

Where is your favorite place to be in Las Vegas?

My home. I live in Summerlin, not even 2 miles from The Coop. The convenience, community, green space, and walkability of this community is my favorite thing about Las Vegas.

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