The Best Coworking Amenities at The Coop
Dana Berggren
July 1, 2022

There’s a lot to be said about working from home or setting up shop at your favorite coffee shop for the day, but nothing truly beats the experience of working in a collaborative office space like The Coop–where you’ll find all of the comforts you’ve come to expect from an office space and some new ones too! Here are the best coworking amenities that we offer our members at each of our two coworking locations in Las Vegas.

Open Desk Space with Plenty of Outlets

One of the best things about The Coop is that there is always a great spot to sit down, hook up your computer, monitors, and anything else you’ll need to get done. With no shortage of outlets (or locally roasted coffee) The Coop offers members a clean and quiet space to get work done.

Super-Fast Wi-Fi

There’s nothing worse than slow Wi-Fi that fails to connect, struggles to download, and slows your work down. Right? Well, what if you were also paying $8 every few hours for coffee that is mid at best just so you can continue to use a coffee shop’s insecure public Wi-Fi to do important work? That might be worse.

Fortunately, The Coop offers super-fast Wi-Fi (and as much free, locally roasted coffee as your heart desires) so that your business never misses a beat.

24/7 Door Access

The Coop is open 24 hours a day for members who work early morning, late nights, and weekend side-hustles! We facilitate your flexible work schedule by offering 24/7 commercial door access with the latest in commercial security technology.

Multiple Breakrooms

Need a break from building the next big start-up? We have you covered. Each of our locations is designed with areas for rest and relaxation in mind. Whether you need a kitchen to store and prepare your lunch in, a place to enjoy your meal away from your desk, or a comfortable sofa to lean back and relax for the rest of your break—we have it all.

Board Rooms and Classrooms for Meetings

Need a space to hold meetings and workshops? The Coop offers multiple conference rooms, board rooms, and a large classroom space suitable for hosting important meetings, training sessions, and seminars. Anyone can book a conference room here. (Ask about how you can earn booking credits and discounted rates!)

Access to The Coop Community Events

When you join The Coop, you’re part of a community of business professionals and welcome to participate in community events hosted by The Coop! These events include monthly Feed @ The Coop networking breakfasts, happier hours, and more!

The Coop! Las Vegas Coworking Spaces in Summerlin and Near the Las Vegas Strip

The Coop offers two coworking locations in Las Vegas—in Summerlin and our South location which is conveniently located near the Las Vegas Strip. Scheduling a tour of The Coop is easy, just fill out the interest form.

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