Ranking the Best Coworking Spaces in Las Vegas
Dana Berggren
May 19, 2023
ranking the best coworking spaces in las vegas

Searching for a great workspace in Las Vegas? Look no further than The Coop Cowork! Whether you are a business owner, an entrepreneur, or just getting started with your own startup venture, this premium coworking space is the perfect spot to be productive while finding and networking within like-minded circles.

Ranked in the top of its class for all of Las Vegas’s coworking spaces, The Coop offers its clients excellent amenities from comfortable workspaces to event hosting opportunities as well as unparalleled collaboration among members. Read on below to why so many writers believe that The Coop Cowork is one of the best options available in Las Vegas!



Travelmag recently listed “10 of the Best Coworking Spaces in Las Vegas” and included The Coop Cowork.

With two coworking venues nestled in peaceful Vegas neighbourhoods, The Coop offer a wide choice of private offices, dedicated desks, open desks, meeting room bookings, and more. Inspired by the need for freelancers, solo workers and small business owners to work more efficiently, they focus on fostering an atmosphere of community, connectivity, and collaboration. Whether you just need a quiet space for the day, somewhere for your startup to grow, an executive boardroom to win over an investor, or a professional studio to kick off your new podcast, they have you covered. There are flexible membership plans for members and drop-in rates for non-members with access to modern conference rooms, WiFi, locally roasted coffee, and a comfortable coworking space. Open desk membership starts at $250, or for more occasional needs you can buy individual day passes for $25 or packs of five for $100.


Indy University

In March 2023, Indy University put The Coop Cowork 1st on the list of “Best Coworking Spaces in Las Vegas and Why”.

The Coop is a coworking space inspired by community, collaboration, and connectivity. This place has everything you need as a freelancer or small business owner to work more efficiently, including various flexible membership options and space you can book just for the day. There are open desks, dedicated desks, private offices, virtual offices, and four different meeting rooms you can use. Some of the amenities included in The Coop are projectors, food and beverages, locally roasted coffee, high-speed wi-fi, and comfortable seating. You can also pick from two locations in Vegas: Coop South (just a ride from the strip) and Coop Summerlin (which also has podcast and photo studios).



When the SurfDesk team reviewed and ranked the 10 Best Coworking Spaces in Las Vegas, of course The Coop Cowork was on the list. They said:

+ The Coop Cowork offers a fantastic coworking space with terrific, friendly and responsive staff, well-priced conference rooms and free coffee.
+ A well-designed, open space, they have a good system set-up that allows for a quiet, secure work environment.
+ Clean and bright, the space provides workers with comfortable common areas and great meeting spaces designed for both formal and informal meetings.



This platform went through 25 of the best coworking spaces in Las Vegas, listing The Coop Cowork as one of them.

They said: The Coop is all about connection, grown, inspiration and working smart – and who doesn’t want all of that for their professional life?



This review site actually allows users to submit reviews and ratings, so take that with a grain of salt. Their article “The Best Coworking Spaces in Las Vegas” lists and ranks the options available and we’re pleased to see The Coop Cowork listed near the top!



We’ll continue populating this list as they come in, but it’s easy to see why so many people love The Coop Cowork! With two locations in the Las Vegas area, diverse amenities, and approachable atmosphere there’s something for every coworker.

Schedule a tour today to see if The Coop Cowork is the right fit for you. Work more efficiently by sharing office amenities and services, like executive suites, while creating an atmosphere of community, connectivity, and collaboration.

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