Step by Step Instructions on How to Fill Out the Form 1583


Box #1
This one is just like any document enter the date when you complete this.

Box #2
This is the name of who the mail will be sent to and can also be your doing business name (sometimes called a fictitious business name) if registered depending on which state you live.

Box #3
Use the exact mailbox address and number that you selected upon signing up with Anytime Mailbox. Remember, it has to be exactly the same so double check if necessary.

Box #4
Enter the name of the CMRA in section (a), your new address in section (b – e)

Box #5 – If you would like your chosen CMRA operator to receive mail on your behalf, you have to sign separately in that box to authorize them to do so. We highly recommend filling this section out.

Box #6
Type the name exactly the same as the person or business name who will be receiving mail.

Box #7
Type your exact home or business address that corresponds to the applicant.

Box #8
Two forms of identification are required in this section and a reminder, one must be a picture ID. The agent must write in identifying information. Subject to verification.

Box #9
A business name either same or different as applicant as long as it corresponds to the entity opening up the mailbox.

Box #10
Not mandatory however if your business address is different and tied to this mailbox, please add it. Or your home address if an individual.

Box #11
Enter what your business does and type of product or service you manage and/or sell.

Box #12
This section is if your mailbox will be used by multiple people at your company or firm. You have to add each person who would receive mail. And the same rules apply each member needs to submit verifiable identification.

Box #13
This is for any member of a corporation who would receive mail at this address. It is even more stringent than a “firm” as you also need to add the address of each of the officers.

Box #14
If your business name is registered they actually need the country, state and date of registration. You may need to reference your DBA or doing business as files, also called a fictitious business name in some states.

Box #15
This is for the notary or authorized agent to sign. There is nothing for you to enter in this box.

Box #16
This is your signature to finalize. And if the applicant is a corporation or a firm, only an officer can sign. They also have to include their title.



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