Dana Berggren
January 31, 2018
On Monday, January 29th, The Coop hosted an Intro To Podcasting Event led by Kri Edholm of Leadership Excursion Co. She has been recording her Leadership Looks Like Podcast from The Coop each week and was gracious enough to let attendees watch a live podcast with the inspiring and accomplished Stephanie Rosol of Skye Coaching. After the event, Kri delved way deep into the technical aspects of podcasting such as the reason for podcasting, who are you trying to reach with your podcast, and the necessary equipment and apps available to podcasters.

Not only is Kri a stellar interviewer, she is a wealth of knowledge on all things business, leadership, and podcasting (and so much more). I am grateful for her time and sharing her knowledge with the attendees of tonight’s event.

It is through Kri that I met Jennifer Gonzalez of Ingrained Branding and Marketing, who is spectacular with social media, marketing, and events planning at The Coop. Jen coordinated the Intro To Podcasting event with Kri and her marketing efforts generated tremendous reach and response.

The enthusiasm from the attendees was inspiring be it for their business, both for and non-profit, or for self-help, leadership, and so on. It seems that Podcasting is a compelling way to not only tell your story, but the story of others who inspire you and I hope the attendees go on to do amazing things with their newfound knowledge.

Stephanie Rosol was the ideal subject for the live podcast. Her story was so inpsiring about taking advantage of an opportunity to leave the corporate world to become a business coach. She had the audience captivated with her powerful message, urging others to take a chance, the time is now.

The Coop  We are a coworking space in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada. We’re inspired by the need for small business owners to work more efficiently by sharing office amenities and services while creating an atmosphere of community, connectivity, and collaboration. Whether you are an independent, an entrepreneur building a startup, a small business owner or a corporate innovator, The Coop is a place to imagine and pursue what’s possible. We offer modern design, fiber connectivity, WiFi, Print/Copy/Scan, and a break area with locally-roasted coffee in a warm environment located at 1925 Village Center Circle, Suite 150, Las Vegas, Nevada. Memberships are flexible, conference rooms are available for booking private meetings and networking events, and learning opportunities will be the norm. Various sized offices are available for those seeking a bit more exclusivity and privacy.

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