Is anyone else exhausted from doing All.The.Things? (credit: Cat Johnson). 
I am a solopreneur with two companies: Berggren Commercial Real Estate and The Coop coworking space. I pretty much operate all aspects of both by myself. I am on the Board of Directors of the NAWBO Southern Nevada Chapter where I chair both the Programs and Advocacy committees. On top of all of that, my most important role in life, is mother to two daughters whose needs and schedules and social lives come before all of my aforementioned obligations. 
Needless to say, there are many days where I function in a state of complete overwhelm to the point of mental exhaustion and I’m pretty sure most of you do, too.
The other day, I had the pleasure of hearing Coop member, Andrea Goeglein, a workplace and career psychologist, speak at the NAWBO Southern Nevada luncheon and subsequently listened to a recent interview she gave to The Wall Street Journal about the dangers of business owners neglecting the signs of burnout. When the business owner is the one experiencing stress and anxiety, that affects the whole ecosystem of the workplace. It’s important to recognize when we’re approaching burnout and have the support of friends or coworkers who can cover for us when we need to take some time. I am grateful to have found those people in my coworking space and was able to take a much-needed mental health morning with my friend and Coop member Ruth Furman. Isolation, loneliness, lack of support, and financial worries are real issues facing entrepreneurs. Find your support and take some time for yourself now.