We recently had a few members fly The Coop and to our surprise we were all bummed when they left.  It was known that one group’s stay would be temporary while their permanment office location was being built. We joked how they always introduced us to new restaurants as a result of their daily Uber Eats orders and a simple hello in passing would often turn into 30 minute conversations.  Another member was a crowd favorite who decided to relocate to the East Coast. He brought a depth of knowledge and experience from coworking spaces around the country and had a youthful enthusiasm that made the older crowd smile. Who would have thought in a few short months the members of The Coop would be so connected.

We can attribute this to our monthly Feed@The Coop, a breakfast meet and greet where we introduce new members and talk about who we are, what we do, and how we can help each other in our busineseses.  We have found these meetings to be productive in a business sense as great collaboration has happened from these breakfasts. The social aspect of these regular get togethers cannot be understated. Having a community to check in with at least once a month is so impactful.  Besides the monthly Feed, we have monthly education or social events, and the open space in the communal area lends itself to connection and collaboration as well.

Although the empty offices have since been filled with new companies, we can’t help but feel a certain sadness for Coop members who are no longer here. Each member impacts the ecosystem in a particular way no matter the duration of their stay and it has been a pleasure to cross paths on the journey.

The Coop  We are a coworking space in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada. We’re inspired by the need for small business owners to work more efficiently by sharing office amenities and services while creating an atmosphere of community, connectivity, and collaboration. Whether you are an independent, an entrepreneur building a startup, a small business owner or a corporate innovator, The Coop is a place to imagine and pursue what’s possible. We offer modern design, fiber connectivity, WiFi, Print/Copy/Scan, and a break area with locally-roasted coffee in a warm environment located at 1925 Village Center Circle, Suite 150, Las Vegas, Nevada. Memberships are flexible, conference rooms are available for booking private meetings and networking events, and learning opportunities will be the norm. Various sized offices are available for those seeking a bit more exclusivity and privacy.