Coworking Space as Alternative to Las Vegas Convention Workspaces
Dana Berggren
July 15, 2022

If you’re traveling to Las Vegas for a convention this summer and you find yourself in need of a quiet and comfortable space to get work done away from your hotel room, then you’ll love The Coop. Our coworking space in Las Vegas is perfect for business professionals who want all the conveniences of their office with the flexibility of day passes that allow you to slip away from crowded hotel workspaces. The Coop South, one of our locations in Las Vegas, is the perfect alternative to Las Vegas convention workspaces– here’s why!

Convenience: The Coop South is Located 10 Minutes from the Las Vegas Strip

First, The Coop South is located 10 minutes from the Las Vegas strip making it a short uber ride from your hotel to a quiet and fully loaded office space designed to help you get more done. This location is close enough to be convenient and inexpensive to reach while also getting you away from the distracting bustle of the Casinos, Convention Center, and tourists which can get in the way of a productive work session.

Flexibility: The Coop Coworking Space in Las Vegas Offers Day Passes

If there’s one thing that a traveling business professional needs, it’s full-service office space just for the day or two they are in town. We make that easy by offering flexible day passes that give you access to our coworking office space in Las Vegas. A day pass will give you access to our first-come, first-service open desk area, the Wi-Fi password, and as much locally roasted coffee as you need.

Spacious: Board Rooms and Classrooms Available for Team Meetings

If you plan on attending a Las Vegas convention with the whole team and you need more room to work collaboratively, The Coop has conference rooms and classrooms that can be configured to accommodate groups of 4 to 50+ depending on your needs. This versatility is perfect for companies that need a place to regroup before heading back to the convention.

Everything In One Coworking Space in Las Vegas: Wi-Fi, Printers, and Unlimited Locally Roasted Coffee

While we’ve already touched on it in the points above, we’ll say it again: The Coop has everything that you need to get work done. Our coworking space in Las Vegas has everything that you would expect to find at your headquarters—open desks, plenty of outlets, fast Wi-Fi for uploading and downloading, printers, meeting rooms, and free coffee. Drop in for a tour or purchase a day pass today to see why professionals love coworking at The Coop.

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