International Coworking Day 2023: A Day of Collaboration and Celebration
Dana Berggren
August 11, 2023
International Coworking Day: A Day of Collaboration and Celebration

The world of work has seen an exciting paradigm shift over the past few decades, with coworking spaces becoming integral to the modern business landscape. The Coop Cowork in South Las Vegas is one of those pioneering spaces that continually evolves to meet the needs of its community. On August 9, we celebrated International Coworking Day, and the occasion was nothing short of remarkable.

For those unfamiliar, International Coworking Day marks the inception of the coworking movement, a day when the community comes together to acknowledge the value of shared workspaces and the spirit of collaboration. At The Coop Cowork, we embraced the day wholeheartedly and curated an all-day event, aiming to bring business leaders, community stakeholders, and our cherished members together.

We are so grateful for the people who showed up for International Coworking Day on August 9. We curated a day full of valuable content and resources from some of our members and community partners and friends. Special thanks to the following partners for their time and being a part of the coworking magic:

  • Café do Paraíso infused the event with their delightful brews, ensuring that attendees were both refreshed and invigorated throughout the sessions.
  • Taylored Photo Memories captured the essence of the day, documenting moments of collaboration, learning, and community-building.
  • Nevada Business Advisors imparted their vast knowledge, providing insights into the world of business that many found invaluable.
  • Emet Digital was at the forefront, discussing digital trends and strategies that can propel businesses in today’s tech-savvy world.
  • Catalyst Mastermind Collaborative Las Vegas facilitated brainstorming sessions, helping attendees sharpen their ideas and strategies.
  • Clark County, Nevada showcased their commitment to supporting local businesses and the coworking ethos.
  • Mindful Living offered a refreshing perspective on integrating mindfulness into business practices for enhanced productivity and well-being.
  • SCORE Mentors provided mentorship opportunities, ensuring that emerging businesses and startups found guidance and direction.
  • Rigel Studios toured prospective content creators and podcasters

The power of coworking lies not just in sharing a physical space but in building a cohesive community. This day, we celebrated that community spirit, the magic that happens when diverse minds collaborate towards a shared vision. Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone involved, especially our partners, for making this International Coworking Day a memorable one.

In closing, the success of the day served as a testament to the importance of community, collaboration, and innovation. As The Coop Cowork continues to be a beacon for these values in South Las Vegas, we’re more energized than ever to push boundaries, foster connections, and provide an environment where businesses can thrive.

Till next year’s celebrations, let’s keep the coworking spirit alive and vibrant!

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