Hitting the Reset Button
Dana Berggren
October 30, 2018
hitting the reset button

Dana, owner of The Coop, recently attended the GCUC coworking conference in Banff, Canada. Here were her thoughts…


We get so caught up in our day to day responsibilities in our businesses and personal lives. We spend our days juggling multiple roles in multiple jobs and then many of us go home to partners and children and pets who need more from us. Sometimes we find that we have to dig really deep to find the time, energy, and attention to our coworkers and loved ones. When we’re running on fumes, we need to hit the reset button.

What are we told to do when our cherished cell phones and other tools of technology aren working quite right? Power it off – wait a few seconds – and power it back on again. Hit the reset button and give it a fresh start. Shouldn’t we do the same for ourselves?

Back in August I had registered for the GCUC Canada coworking retreat and conference in Banff, Canada, a country I had never been to before and a conference I had not yet attended. Two months later, and it’s go time and I’m in the midst of some pretty heavy personal turmoil and professional obligations. Was this professional development conference ill-timed or perfectly timed? I decided it was the latter and embraced the obligation I made to myself.

What I gained from attending the conference was a reset and a renewed outlook. Although it was still a business trip, just by changing my setting and embracing new surroundings, allowed me to recharge and return back home with a fresh mindset both personally and professionally. I would say my clients, coworkers, and family appreciate a refreshed Dana. There is never a perfect time to step away from your business and hit the reset button, so maybe the perfect time is now.


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