I am overcome with the holiday feels as members of The Coop share their thoughts and experiences of the coworking space. The Coop was supposed to be a side gig to house my commercial real estate brokerage of one and the hopes to share the office with some cool business people. But instead of a fun side gig, I now have two full time gigs…and I love every second of it.

You don’t get into coworking to make money…or you might begin with that idea, then quickly realize that it takes a lot of capital, both financial and emotional, to run a successful coworking space. The reward is the relationships made among the members, the feeling that we are all a part of something, offering a platform to help each other achieve their goals in business, and supporting local businesses.

We’ve shared so much time together whether it be the monthly [email protected] Coop breakfast, the incredible programs and discussions led by amazingly talented businesspeople, we donated ticket sales to local charities such as Junior Achievement, and enthusiastically supported our members who endeavored to crush the stigma of anxiety and depression with the first annual Crush Run.

I thank each and every one of you. Whether you have been here a short time or among the original members or just visited briefly, you have impacted The Coop and allowed me the keep serving the community.

I wish you peace and prosperity in 2019.

❤️ Dana