The Coop’s Scoop on: Russell Campbell
Dana Berggren
August 16, 2017
You will usually find our next featured member standing at the custom-built communal table (plug: Urban Wood Worx) which connects the front of house to the back of house. So very appropriate as he is the community connector. He embraces the philosophy of coworking and takes a genuine interest in what you do and how he can help you do it better and succeed. He is great for a conversation about ANYTHING and I’m so happy that he is here coworking with us.

Here’s the scoop on…Russell Campbell

Name: Russell Campbell. No middle name. An old guy once told me that if I was in the Navy, my middle name would be “None”.

Company: Your Second Opinion, LLC (<— that’s a link). Everyone has an opinion. I offer a second opinion.

What exactly is it that you do? I specialize in helping two kinds of clients as a combination of management consultant and and coach. The largest part of my business is assisting CEOs of investment management firms with strategic issues such as helping bright but obnoxious people work together, building more robust investment processes, developing new and attractive products, and niche marketing. I do this job because I believe that customers need access to many sustainably successful investment management firms. A smaller part of my business involves helping endowments and foundations with their investment portfolios to ensure that they meet current and future spending priorities.

Hometown: Montreal, Canada.

Years in Las Vegas: 3

Favorite local restaurant: Not really a foodie, but I am an adventurous eater. When I was a young teenager, I bought a freshly-killed rabbit from a butcher, brought it home and to my family’s horror, fried it up.

Hobbies and/or hidden talents: Love traveling to exotic places – e.g. Galapagos, Easter Island

What has contributed to the success of your business? Ive been a CEO 5x in my career, so I have been in my client’s shoes. My suggestions are supported by data and grounded in experience.

Why to you cowork at The Coop? Get out of my house, nicer than Starbucks, feel the energy of others who are building businesses, meet people, help others, build community connections, have a business location in a nice area.

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