Coop Member Spotlight JUNE 2023
Dana Berggren
May 24, 2023
Member Spotlight_James Urrutia

The Coop Member Spotlight: James Urrutia

James is our Coop Member Spotlight JUNE 2023, he is the Attorney at The LJU Law Firm. James has over 10 years of experience navigating the complicated web of insurance claims and litigation with recent jury verdicts to prove it.

James Urrutia became a private office member in March 2023 at The Coop South.

Let’s read on to learn more about him below:

What drove you to want to be an attorney?

Reading a book by John Grisham about an attorney that was first to the office and the last one to leave. Something about the work ethic it took to succeed—arriving in the dark and leaving in the dark—appealed to me at the time.

Why personal injury law?

I found that personal injury trials were the best fit for what I want to do in life—help people, challenge my mind and creativity, make a good living, and have freedom with my time.

Have your 10 yrs. of experience been here in Las Vegas, or did you start somewhere else and move here?

I came to Las Vegas as soon as I graduated from law school and have been practicing in Las Vegas my entire career. I am now licensed in Utah and also practice there as well.

What is one of your most memorable cases and why?

There are so many for different reasons. However, last year I resolved a case for $12.1 million. The case settled on the proverbial steps of the courthouse. I personally spent almost 5 years working on the case and our firm spent about $300,000 in costs. My client lost her husband because a shuttle they were in caught fire. Her husband was able to get her out of the burning shuttle. She then watched as he burned to death trying to also escape. They were visiting Las Vegas from Germany for their third wedding anniversary. The case took me to Hannover, Germany, Manchester, England, L.A., and Ohio. I deposed (interviewed under oath) around 25 different people; some of which personally witnessed the incident and the death. We had the most humble and deserving client who still was physically and emotionally scarred from the incident. It is a career-defining case and result; and ultimately, exemplified why I chose personal injury litigation and trials.

I see you have a private office at the Coop South. How do you like being in a co-working environment?

I enjoy working in a co-working space because of the energy and experience like-minded business owners provide me.

Would you recommend a co-working environment to others and if so why?

Yes, I would because it raises your vision for growth. The more you grow the more people you can help.


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