Coop Member Spotlight FEBRUARY 2023
Dana Berggren
February 13, 2023
JIVE Architecture Member Spotlight The Coop Cowork

From left to right: Archie Gadon, Sean Markle, Rose Sta. Maria, Chris Knotz, Ryan Gallegos

The Coop Member Spotlight: JIVE Architecture

We recently talked with JIVE Architecture, their team, and why they choose to cowork at The Coop. Speaking with Sean Markle, who is an AIA Assoc. NCARB Partner, we learned he earned his Masters in Architecture from the Southern CA Institute of Architecture in 2012. Sean’s experience-driven expertise has led him to design several of Las Vegas’ most significant projects. He has contributed to projects throughout the nation and internationally, as well. You can learn more about Sean and Jive on their website.

What is the most important thing you would want people to know about Jive Architecture?

Our mission at Jive Architecture is to provide excellence in service to our clients by understanding and executing their project goals, leveraging our combined 60+ years of industry experience to help them realize their next successful project.


Our team of ten is led by the following Founding Partners:

  • Archie Gadon, our Senior Planner
  • Sean Markle, AIA Assoc. NCARB Partner who earned his Masters in Architecture from the Southern CA Institute of Architecture in 2012
  • Rose Sta. Maria, Senior Graphic Designer
  • Licensed Architect Christopher F. Knotz, AIA NCARB. Christopher has 25+ years of industry-leading experience in specialized hospitality and gaming design.
  • And the very talented Ryan Gallegos, soon-to-be accredited Architect.

At JIVE, we firmly believe in fostering the growth and development of all current and future associates, giving them an opportunity to realize their full potential.


What are the AIA and NCARB organizations, and why are they important to the Architecture profession?

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) serves as the voice of Architects, committed to a better-built environment and a prosperous architecture profession. 

They also work heavily with policymakers to address issues in our built environment, such as the health & safety of all occupants, the effects of climate change on our communities, and critical infrastructure to create more sustainable buildings.

The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) is a nonprofit corporation comprising the legally constituted architectural registration boards of 50 states and US territories. 

NCARB develops, administers, and maintains the Architectural Experience Program (AXP) and the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) and facilitates reciprocity between jurisdictions through the NCARB Certificate. 


What specifically is Jive Architecture’s role in the Hospitality & Gaming industry?

We typically provide professional Architectural and Masterplanning services directly for our Clientele / Ownership groups.

Under the Architectural scope, we will have at least a dozen specialized engineering and design consultants working with us to provide coordinated design and licensed documentation per AIA (American Institute of Architects) Standards.  

In the end, the project goal is all about creating a successful project for the client and everyone involved enjoying the process.


In reviewing the list of projects Jive Architecture has completed. What was your favorite and why?

We are engaged by all the major Casino and Hotel brands to provide our services on projects of all sizes and scope. 

Unfortunately, many of the projects that we are involved with are highly confidential while under construction and so we are unable to comment on specific projects.


What made you choose a coworking environment?

The Coop was a great way to get furnished space at a moment’s notice and have an operational office for (4) within a few hours.  

Since joining in June, we’ve been fortunate to have some strong growth opportunities, and The Coop’s willingness to accommodate our needs has been paramount to allow us to scale precisely in time as needed.


I see that you have a private office at The Coop South. Has that been a good fit for you and why?

Absolutely.  We started our first three months in one of the smaller Coop suites.  In October, we received contracts for some new projects and needed to hire a few new associates, but didn’t have the space for them.

The Executive A Suite was vacant at that time, so we called Dana and she got us set up and prorated that same day. Like many of the Coop tenants, we utilize an open-plan studio layout and currently have (10) associates with generous workstations for each in our Suite.

Everyone in The Coop is welcome to stop by, say hi and check it out if they like!


Would you recommend a coworking environment to others and if so, why?

Yes. The Coop has been a fantastic way to cover all the startup essentials + luxury amenities on a flat-rate month-to-month membership with zero commitment.  

It is great to have a selection of furnishings, cleaned space, conference rooms, break rooms, grand reception led by the legendary Kelli, wonderful fellow Coop-ers, covered parking, maintenance on-call, lights on, etc. To us, these things being taken care of have allowed us to take the leap and focus on growing the business itself!


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