5 Ways The Coop Cowork Can Help You Start A Business
Dana Berggren
September 2, 2023
start a business with help from the coop cowork

When it comes to taking that crucial step to start a business, finding the right resources and workspace can make all the difference. That’s where The Coop Cowork comes in. Located in the bustling heart of Nevada, The Coop Cowork offers a variety of workspace solutions tailored to meet the needs of budding entrepreneurs.


Start A Business in a Flexible Office Space

As Dana Berggren, the owner of The Coop Cowork, points out, this isn’t just an office space—it’s a flex office space. That means you can use it as you see fit to start a business. Whether you need a private office, an open desk, or simply a virtual office with a business address, The Coop Cowork has you covered.


A Workspace That Works for YOU

whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for a professional setting, a freelancer seeking a creative space, or a small business in need of expandable options, The Coop Cowork offers the flexibility you need to start and grow your business efficiently.

Multiple Membership Plans: Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a small team, The Coop Cowork provides different types of memberships including virtual offices, open desks, dedicated desks, and private offices. This allows you to choose a plan that fits your business needs and budget.

Adaptable Work Environment: You are not tied down to one spot. The environment is designed to adapt to your work style. Need a quiet space for focused work? You can have it. Need an open area for brainstorming? That’s available too.

Short-term Commitments: Traditional office spaces often require long-term leases that can be a burden for startups or small businesses. The Coop Cowork’s flexible terms allow for short-term commitments, giving you the freedom to scale up or down as your business needs change.

Resource Availability: If you need access to conference rooms or other specialized spaces, these are available on an occasional basis. This saves you the cost and commitment of maintaining these spaces yourself.

Business Services: Beyond just workspace, The Coop Cowork offers services that can help you start a business, such as mail handling for a virtual office and guidance on setting up a business bank account or licenses.
Coworking space events feed at the coop cowork south
Community and Networking: Flexibility is not just about the space or the contract terms; it’s also about access to a diverse community. The Coop Cowork provides networking opportunities which can be critical for business growth and partnership opportunities.

Location: Situated in Nevada, a business-friendly state, The Coop Cowork gives you the benefit of starting your business in a location that is both accessible and offers various advantages in terms of taxation and business laws.

On-the-Go Access: With a membership at The Coop Cowork, you have the flexibility to access the workspace when you need it, providing the convenience to work according to your own schedule.

Business Address and Bank Account

Getting a legitimate business address is often a challenge when you’re trying to start a business from home. At The Coop Cowork, you can sign up for a virtual office, which provides you with a business address. Plus, your paid receipt from The Coop Cowork can be used to open a business bank account. This is crucial for managing business finances separately from personal funds.


Business Licensing Made Easy

One of the often-overlooked aspects when you start a business is the need for proper business licensing. Your membership receipt from The Coop Cowork can help you get your business licensing started with the local municipalities such as Clark County and the City of Las Vegas. However, it’s important to check with these bodies to ensure you’re following all requirements.


Conference Rooms and Collaboration Areas

When you start a business, you’ll quickly find that having space for client meetings or team collaborations is essential. The Coop Cowork offers more than just desks; they provide occasional use of conference rooms and collaboration areas. This ensures that you have all the necessary facilities to host meetings, pitch ideas, or brainstorm with your team.

Conference Room - Coop South

Networking Opportunities

Starting a business isn’t just about finding a place to sit and work; it’s about building a network. The Coop Cowork is home to a diverse community of creators, entrepreneurs, and professionals. By situating your startup in such an environment, you open doors to potential collaborations, partnerships, or even future clients.


Let The Coop Help You Start A Business

As you start a business, it’s essential to find the right support and resources to help you succeed. The Coop Cowork is designed to provide just that—a tailored, flexible workspace solution for anyone looking to start a business in Nevada. From providing a legitimate business address to offering facilities that make business operations smooth, The Coop Cowork stands as a valuable asset in your entrepreneurial journey.

Don’t take our word for it; listen to Dana Berggren: “If we can help you in any way to establish your business and get you up and running in Nevada, The Coop would appreciate helping you. We’re here to help. So feel free to schedule a tour here or call us at 702-636-9101.”

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