Finding the Best Conference Rooms and Meeting Space during ICSC
Dana Berggren
April 27, 2023
Finding the Best Conference Rooms and Meeting Space during ICSC

Vegas, Baby! The city of neon lights, slot machines, and high rollers. However, it’s not all just fun and games, especially when the annual International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) convention comes to town. Finding the best conference rooms and meeting space during ICSC can be tedious work, but fear not, fellow attendees and commercial real estate professionals! With this guide, we’ll show you how to score the best spots for your meetings and events during ICSC.

Finding the Perfect Meeting Space in Las Vegas

Pre-Book Now

First things first, you need to pre-book your conference room or meeting space early. Don’t wait until the last minute to reserve or you might be left with bad choices of cramped and poorly equipped spaces. To avoid such a disaster, contact The Coop Cowork in Las Vegas in advance to secure your desired space. By doing this, you can avoid the overinflated prices and limited availability at the hotels, resorts, and convention centers. With two locations in Las Vegas, the Coop Cowork has the amenities you need to rock your big meeting.

Do your research

Apart from pre-booking, you need to do your research. There are numerous conference rooms and meeting spaces available in Las Vegas, but not all spaces are created equal. As the convention gets closer you’ll start to notice many of these meeting spaces are already booked or aren’t adequate for your needs. Check online reviews, recommendations, and ratings about various venues on reliable websites. This improves your chances of getting a good deal while also finding a reputable location that suits the specific needs of your event.

Think outside the box

During ICSC, it’s not just conference rooms and meeting spaces that are in high demand, accommodations such as hotels are also in high demand. Think outside the box and consider non-conventional spaces like coworking spaces such as the Coop Cowork. Venues like ours offer a unique experience that will set your event apart from the others. It may not be the traditional route, but it’s a refreshing change that could reinvigorate your colleagues and clients.

Location Location Location

A conference room or a meeting space’s location is just as important as its size and amenities. The proximity to the convention center, hotels, restaurants, and other amenities can make a significant difference in a visitor’s experience. Choosing a location that is within walking distance or easily accessible by public transport helps attendees save time and energy. Luckily, our Coop Cowork South location is minutes from the convention center and the Strip.

Don’t just rely on the venue

Perhaps the most crucial tip to takeaway is don’t rely solely on the venue. Take the time to plan out the little details that will make the event unforgettable. Consider themes, aesthetics, food, and activities that complement the location. Go the extra mile with branding, personalized napkins, and swag bags as this is what event attendees will remember and talk about post-event. At the Coop Cowork we have many options for catering, audio/visuals, and can even recommend branded promo vendors!

It’s Easy Finding the Best Conference Rooms and Meeting Space during ICSC

Being well-prepared and informed can guarantee you a successful event during ICSC. So, pre-book your conference room or meeting space in advance, do your research, think outside the box, think about location, and don’t forget to add a touch of originality to make your event an unforgettable experience. With these guidelines, you’ll score a perfect spot for your next meeting, and your clients and colleagues will thank you for it.

ICSC Conference Rooms and Meeting Space

The Coop Cowork Offerings for ICSC Attendees

If you’re looking for a location to hold meetings or networking events during ICSC, the Coop Cowork is an excellent option. We offer meeting rooms and rentals suitable for all kinds of events, ranging from small meetings to large conferences. Our facilities are tailored to create the perfect setting for any occasion.

We offer a range of meeting rooms in different sizes and styles, including smaller intimate spaces and larger formal ones. Our meeting rooms are conveniently located and provide easy to access the ICSC convention.

The Coop Cowork provides various rental options available, such as hourly and full-day rentals, and offers amenities such as fast wifi, audio/video, and more.

And, with our convenient location, it’s easy to find CES hotel meeting rooms that are close by. Booking a conference room or meeting space is done easily online and guarantees you’re ready for the big convention.

Happy ICSC, everyone!

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