So You Want To Write A Book?

Let these esteemed authors guide you through the process.

Debbie Donaldson is an author and motivational speaker with a good-humored approach to business. Her hardcover book Superpowers Activated is available on Amazon and her eBook SALES FUEL is available on her company’s website.

Donaldson’s focus is on sharing the ideas that empower her audiences with a plan for how to experience power that goes beyond personal willpower to succeed. The change in self talk she inspires in her audiences gives them an internal compass for how to be confident in their own unique combination of talents, gifts and blessings combined with their knowledge skills and experience. She even credits the practice of a daily focus on strengths for helping her win her battle with cancer.

As her consulting business began to grow and attracted business entrepreneurs, Donaldson began looking for ways to share her business success ideas. Within a year of publishing Superpowers Activated,  Donaldson completed a second book, SALES FUEL to give business owners new ideas for how to get more customers. She is on a quest to give away One Million copies before publishing an update on Amazon with reader insights and case studies.

She is the recipient of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Women Business Owners awards for excellence in media and communications.

Donaldson founded in 2018 and serves as CEO. is an international online marketing, sales and leadership training organization for entrepreneurs interested in profitable, enjoyable, accelerated business growth.

Russell Campbell is the CEO of Your Second Opinion, LLC, a management consulting firm dedicated to assisting leaders of investment management firms with business strategy, and institutional asset owners with their investment programs.

Russell has led 5 different investment organizations in his career. Russell Campbell has led an OCIO firm, been an institutional investment consultant, worked as a pension fund/institutional manager/asset owner, and been a Chief Investment Officer.

Prior to establishing his own firm, Russell was the CEO of The Marco Consulting Group, a large institutional investment consulting firm with a significant CIO outsourcing business. Previously, he was the EVP of AMCORE Bank, and led the Wealth Management Group which was one of the 60 largest bank wealth managers in the U.S.. Russell was the President and CEO of ABN AMRO Asset Management Holdings, Inc, responsible for $75 billion in assets in the U.S. He was also the U.S. investment management representative on ABN AMRO Bank’s Global Investment Committee. Russell was promoted to this position after having been the CEO of ABN AMRO Asset Management Canada, Inc. He was previously a  Vice President and Partner of  Beutel Goodman, Inc., one of Canada’s largest investment counseling firms. His first leadership position was as Vice President, Bank of Nova Scotia where he led the investment management of the Bank’s own pension fund, and a family office portfolio.

Earlier in his career, he was a pension investment consultant, an institutional equity salesperson and a commodities portfolio manager.

Russell has an MBA in Investment Finance and Marketing from York University, and he has a BA in Industrial Relations from McGill University. He also attended the Advanced Management Program at INSEAD in France.

He has earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation, and has attended both the Financial Analyst’s Seminar and the Investment Management Workshop. Russell has also acquired the Certified Financial Planner ™ certification.

Russell has been a director of several for-profit and not for profit boards, and he is a member of numerous non-profit, civic and industry organizations.

He is quoted frequently in the media and has been a speaker at many industry conferences.

Lisa Chastain has been coaching, mentoring and advising millennials for nearly 20 years. Her company, Millennial Consulting LLC inspires women to be the boss of their finances and lives by teaching and mentoring them on how to control their money, live purposefully and love their lives. Her #1 Best Selling Book, “Girl, Get Your $hit Together” teaches millennial women how to own their history with money so that they can boss up and own their futures.

Lisa has recently been seen in O – The Oprah Magazine, Fortune and Entrepreneur Magazine and is one of Las Vegas Women Magazine’s people to watch in 2018.

She is a Las Vegas native and when she’s not speaking, coaching or working in her business, she’s spending quality time with her family and dog Cricket.