How to Increase Your Profitability by Leveraging Your Strengths

Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur who wants to generate more revenue and more profit, but without having to work harder and longer?  Growing a business can sometimes feel like a grind.  It can be overwhelming thinking about the strategies, tactics, and tasks you need to implement and how you’re going to accomplish it all.  The good news?  There is an easier way.  When you leverage your strengths you can optimize your productivity and increase your profitability WITHOUT the struggle.  Plus, you might just find that you have more fun along the way!

Join us for this interactive session to discover how you can ignite your strengths to maximize your returns.

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Alex Bratty is the founder of Happiness @ Work.  She helps leaders and organizations leverage the competitive advantage of a positive work culture.  Combining her 20+ years of experience in business and research with her expertise in positive psychology, Alex works with clients to increase engagement, motivation, and performance in a way that produces a healthier and happier bottom line.